StalkLand Camouflage

     Our StalkLand series pattern was created in an effort to provide the end-user with a truly effective concealment solution. To achieve this we utilized the blending techniques that we acquired in Military Sniper Schools which have been  implemented, tested, and proven on the battlefield. 


     Many camouflage patterns currently offered employ various straight or “hard lines” and/or images of prominent vegetation. The human eye is drawn to straight lines and primary terrain elements (i.e. trees, medium bushes, large rocks, stumps, etc.) This is not what you want to look like. A properly concealed Sniper wants to hide in the “negative space” where the eye does not naturally observe. Negative space can be described as the space around and between the subject(s) of an image. Examples of negative space in nature include grasses, leaves, and twigs. Our goal with StalkLand is to provide products that blend with unobtrusive terrain contained within the negative space, providing a truly Multi-Environment Ready Concealment (M.E.R.C.) 


     StalkLand works almost like a chameleon, morphing and adapting to the negative space within a given environment. In our various testing trials, StalkLand has assimilated seamlessly into surrounding colors. When placed in a tan environment the human eye is drawn to the tan coloration within the pattern, likewise when placed in green environment, the green coloration becomes more prominent.       

Sniper Dynamics Team


    Former School Trained Army Sniper with two deployments to Iraq and time spent in the civilian sector providing security in both Iraq and Afghanistan in a Marksman capacity. NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor with international instructional experience. Gregg is an avid firearms enthusiast, precision shooter, and hunter.


    Former Marine Scout Sniper and a Iraq war veteran with experience providing private marksman security services in Iraq and Afghanistan. Enjoys shooting, hunting, and craft brews. 



     In an effort to provide solutions for multiple environments and users, Sniper Dynamics has developed several camouflage patterns.








 Where To Buy 

     Currently our Stalkland Series Camouflage is available as a vinyl product wrap through the good folks at GunSkins and US Night Vision Corp. Vinyl wraps utilize an adhesive backer and heat to semi-form and fix themselves to a host product.


 These Vinyl Wraps are: 

  • Easy to apply with and without the assistance of heat (blow dryer on high is sufficient)

  • Durable enough for field/hard use

  • Portray high resolution images, exhibiting the complex Stalkland image well

  • Easily removed via peeling with little-to-no residue left behind.     


     GunSkins and US Night Vision have their wraps pre-cut and ready to employ onto AR-15/ AR-10 magazines, AR-15 rifles, Pump-action shotguns, and Bolt-action rifles.




     The Stalkland Pattern is also available as a hydrographic film that is ready for weapon, optic, and accessory application through our friends at TWN Water Transfer Printing. TWN is the industry standard for hydro-dipping, they have a network of over 1300 hydro-dip applicators and can help direct customers to the best option for a variety of applications.




     Along with our Vinyl and Hydro-film, sweet StalkLand apparel and patches can be purchased through our online store.






     2020 will be an exciting year for the Stalkland Pattern, please keep an eye on us and check back onto the site for updates.  

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