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     Highly effective in a wide range of environments, StalkLand Legacy is a great general use concealment solution. After 7 years of development we are excited to have Legacy now ready for MIL/LE end-users with 100% Berry Compliant textiles in the form of:

  • Brookwood printed 500D Cordura for Armor kit & pouches.

  • Brookwood 50/50 NyCo & 57/43 NyCo Extreme IHWCU for uniforms.

  • Murdock Jacquard 1" Molle Webbing

     Presently we have Berry Compliant tactical kit samples with Berry-Compliant uniforms in presently offered by Beyond Clothing. All Cordura, NyCo, and webbing has been designed to properly blend within the nIR spectrum.

StalkLand ROID Cobra_1.jpg

     Taken through a Gen 3 Pinnacle PVS-14 NVG

     Legacy is also available both as a Hydro-film and Vinyl product:

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